Ming Tsai Contestant on The Next Iron Chef

Ming Tsai Contestant on The Next Iron Chef


If you are a foodie, then you are more than likely familiar with the show “The Iron Chef”. To be chosen as an Iron Chef is much like being chosen for any professional team. It is a career highlight and an honor.

This season, the Food Network is looking for the next Iron Chef. There is only one space available and a fierce series of competitions will determine who will receive the honor.

Well known chef’s from across the United States are competing for the title. One such chef is Ming Tsai owner of Blue Ginger in Wellesley, Massachusetts.


Tsai is well known in the food allergy community as a spokesperson for FAAN (the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network). He has also been highly praised for his commitment to making the lives of food allergy diners safer by working on a Food Allergy Bill in Massachusetts that was recently passed.

“I’m so proud that Massachusetts is the first state to pass such comprehensive legislation,” says Chef Ming Tsai. “I’ve always said if you are in the restaurant industry, it’s your duty to serve everyone safe food.”

Ming Tsai became involved as an advocate within the food allergy community when he was turned away at a restaurant because of his son’s food allergies. Like many diners with food allergies, he was told “we are not sure we can serve you safely.”

Tsai truly does make it his mission to “serve everyone safe food” at his restaurant Blue Ginger. With advance notice of food allergies and other dietary restrictions, the staff will make a meal according to your needs. All staff at Blue Ginger are fully trained and aware of food allergies and cross contamination.

While “The Next Iron Chef” is not necessarily about community advocacy, pair that with his unique, beautiful (and delicious) East meets West cuisine and you get a true Iron Chef.

The Next Iron Chef airs on The Food Network on Sundays at 9pm. You can vote for your own favorite chef by clicking on The Next Iron Chef.