For The Newly Diagnosed

When a company announces a recall, market withdrawal, or safety alert, we post the company's announcement as a public service. We do not endorse either the product or the company.

Getting an allergy or intolerance diagnosis, especially a life threatening food allergy diagnosis, can be a frightening thing. However, there is a lot of allergy information available out there for the newly diagnosed.

We know about and live with food and environmental allergies daily. We are allergy sufferers, parents of children with asthma and allergies and are involved with numerous allergy groups, websites and organizations.

At Best Allergy Sites our goal is to serve as a food allergy and food intolerances resource guide and allergy friendly product directory. Our mission is to make life with food allergies and food intolerances easier until there is a treatment or cure.


Food Allergy and Gluten Free Resource Guide and Directory
Our site serves as a resource guide bringing you the latest food recalls, allergy news, product reviews as well as exclusive discounts and offers from allergy friendly companies. We also offer our own recipe section, newsletter and blog.


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We hope that our site offers you the comfort and resources you need to embark on this new journey of living life with allergies and intolerances. It does get easier. We promise!


While we do personally screen submitted sites and blogs before publishing them, please remember that this site is merely a guide and directory of the resources that are available. Each person deals with allergies differently and has their own comfort level. We encourage you to contact particular companies of products that you are interested in to be sure their philosophies are in sync with your own. We also encourage you to read blogs and take advice with caution. You should always seek medical advice from a medical professional. Please take some time and read our website Medical Disclaimer/Terms of Use.