The Wall of Gratitude

The Wall of Gratitude

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Until you need extra help, you don’t realize just how grateful you will be. As a parent of a child with a severe food allergy, I can tell you, you find out a lot about a person’s true character quickly. And I mean so quickly. I have had my share of unkind moments but this will not focus on that.

In my mind I see little pieces of paper on a wall with all my thanks and my family’s thanks for the kind gestures. Those that know me know I will always say thank you. And while these gestures might seem small, they can be HUGE and much appreciated to those living with food allergies.

I say this for those acting with kindness and understanding, that is appreciated more than you can know.

Some of notes on my wall of gratitude include:

  • The allergist that looks my son in the eye and explains to him about his allergy and what it means. And that he is normal and healthy, but has to be very careful.
  • The chef that personally brought out my son’s meal, called him “boss” and told him “anytime buddy.”
  • EVERY family gathering extended and immediate that my son is accommodated. This also goes for friend gatherings as well.
  • The parents that have bought peanut free cakes for birthday parties.
  • The parents that did not make me feel crazy for staying at the birthday party, even when all the other parents had left.
  • The flight attendants that announce my son’s allergy on flights.
  • My younger son with no food allergies that has not complained once in his whole life for also not getting the unsafe treat. Because he loves his brother so much and just “gets it.”
  • The parents willing to go over how to use an EpiPen.
  • The son’s friend that sent out a party invitation saying “NO PEANUT snacks allowed.”
  • My son’s friends that all wanted to go to one fast food restaurant but switched to one that was “safe.”

I hope this may inspire you to be on someone’s wall of gratitude.  While it may seem a small gesture it means more than you may realize. I know am not alone as I know other parents have similar walls. I hope one day a cure will be found and my pieces of paper will not be needed. But until that day comes, I want you to know how grateful I am for any kindness.