Go Ahead: Tattoo Your Food Allergic Child

allergytattoosIt’s frightening for a parent to think of their food allergic child at a summer camp, drop off birthday party, field trip, or other event without mom or dad there. Will the hostess remember your child has his or her own allergen free cupcake? Will the camp staff remember to keep the peanut butter eating kids on the other end of the table?


Medical Bracelets are a big help but often get lost underneath a long sleeve shirt, may need to be removed for sporting events, and sometimes are not noticed at all unless there is already an emergency. This is where tattoos come into play, “temporary” tattoos that is.

Tara Wilkie, mother of a food allergic child, founded Allergy Tattoos as a way for parents of peanut and nut allergic children to feel a little more secure about sending their children out of the home.

Her tattoos are bright and clearly labeled in English and in French. They are non-toxic and use hypoallergenic inks.


Tara was kind enough to send me some samples and as soon as my food allergic son saw them he said, “A tattoo? Put one on me!” I think that says it all.

You can order these great tattoos through Tara’s website www.allergytattoos.com