Siemens Survey: Many Mothers Unaware of Allergy Testing Options

Siemens has an ongoing health initiative to educate parents about ways to better screen, diagnose, and manage childhood allergies.


In a recent survey of over 1,000 US mothers; 85 percent believe childhood allergies are a serious concern. 75 percent of the surveyed mothers believe it is important for children at risk of developing allergies to be tested early. As many as 75 percent are aware of the skin prick/scratch method of testing, however only a half or a third of mothers are familiar with the other options, and an average of 1 in 3 mothers are unaware of testing accuracy.

From the Siemens Survey Press Release:

In an attempt to gauge perceptions about childhood allergies and allergy testing, this survey was conducted among a sample of 1,003 mothers in the United States who have children ages 18 and under living in their household. The survey was fielded from June 25-26, 2009 using an online panel from eRewards. Efforts were made to collect a sample distribution that is representative of the population in each of the four U.S. Census regions. Participants answered questions based upon their current level of knowledge and perception of allergies and testing today. The survey is part of Siemens’ ongoing campaign to educate parents about ways to better screen, diagnose and manage allergies.


More information regarding the survey can be found by clicking here.