Product Saturation in the Gluten Free Market

It was recently announced that Whole Foods has discontinued its 365 Everyday brand gluten free mixes due to low interest. The mixes will be replaced by Glutino brand mixes.

This comes on the heels of a massive gluten free mix launch by General Mills/Betty Crocker. We’ve also been given the heads up on some other big brand mixes that will be entering the market soon.

A quick google search of “gluten free mixes” reveals a plethora of choices currently on the market. Has the gluten free community reached its saturation point? How many gluten free cake, cookie or brownie mixes are really needed to meet the community’s demand?

It’s unclear whether the “low interest” in the 365 Everyday brand mixes was due to flavor, poor packaging/design, finance or something else. It’s probable that Whole Foods simply knew when to cut its losses and let the bevy of competitors duke it out.

Which leaves me to ponder–are the newcomers to the market too late and will we start to see other brands fall from their once uncrowded gluten free thrones?