Food Allergy Rap by Rekap Raps (Video)

Food Allergy Rap by Rekap Raps (Video)

A Food Allergy Rap called What It’s Like is circulating through Facebook this week. Reed Pake, known on stage as ReKap, is a talented young rapper and songwriter from Mooresville, North Carolina. In this song he raps about his experience with food allergies.

Originally posted to YouTube in June 2014, the video begins with ReKap’s live cover of “Rap God” then follows with an original song he wrote about his life with food allergies, a severe life-threatening medical condition.

What It’s Like starts with a moving description of a food allergy reaction requiring epinephrine. It continues with an honest account of his feelings about living with food allergies, and his hopes for the future.

The following lyrics were taken from the live video.

I clasp my throat in fear, heart racing in my chest
The walls are closing near, I’m breathing less and less
I’m reaching for my life, concealed inside a needle
I count to ten slowly as my arm becomes feeble
The feeling of betrayal starts to burn in my heart
As I fall into a slumber the epinephrine wearing off
The world becomes hazy and increasingly dark
As the sounds of the ambulance start tapering off
Chills running down my spine, as if I was covered in frost
I break in a cold sweat. Of words, I’m at a loss
My throat starts caving in again, an indescribable pain once more
Adrenaline starts flowing once again inside my veins
The shot of energy hits me fast, my body shakin’ then I crash
Hoping that I’ll wake up and that this day won’t be my last
A simple mistake causing trauma that’s unmatched
What it’s like to be me.

At times I’m feeling shackled by this horrible disease
I feel like I’ll never be free from my own anxiety
What’s savory to others is poisonous to me
Always looking over my shoulder, like if death is stalking me
Every party that I go to, every school day I attend
Every restaurant that I eat at, I always have to be vigilant
I envy all my peers who live carefree and innocent
Always going out on a whim, never worrying a bit
Whereas I had to grow up faster than I would have liked to
Feeling alone when I feel like no one understands what I had to fight through
Hard to get up on my feet like if my spirit was withdrew
Trying to find the light in every dark day I have lived through
I’ve had to live with this condition my entire life
And I’m sick of all the strife fearing has caused me outright
But I made it this far so I know I’ll be alright
What it’s like to be me.

Even with the sorrows that food allergies has caused me
There’s light to every dark with benefits that it has brought me
I’ve been through so much rubbish, but I’ve become stronger ’cause of it
Getting right back up, even if I feel a bit sluggish.
I’ve become wiser beyond my years, building courage to face all of my fears
With a tougher mind set, never shedding a single tear
I’ve become more careful in my actions for better or worse
I know where all my food comes from, which could never hurt
But still some of the pain I can no longer endure
But I’ve become more of a person, becoming more mature
Hoping that maybe one day we will find a cure
What it’s like to be me

You can download this song on Soundcloud or connect with Rekap Raps on Facebook.