Food Allergies and Soft Play Centres

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Dear Parents,

I’m happy that you take your children to soft play centres, I really am. But when you let them run back into the soft play area, with their half eaten food dropping bits of it all over the show, you need to understand how this can and does affect other children. You see some children have severe food allergies which can be life threatening and their parents do everything they possibly can around the clock to keep them safe, but they still want them to live and enjoy everyday activities as any other child would and should.

Most, if not all soft play centres have rules in place which state no food or drinks are to be taken into the soft play area. Not only is it a choking hazard but a toddler who’s going through the stage where they like to pick everything up and put it in their mouths and can’t yet understand that they have severe food allergies, could potentially have a life threatening anaphylatic shock. All because they have managed to get hold of a piece of food your child dropped in an area where food shouldn’t be.

Not all allergic reactions result in anaphylaxis, allergic reactions and symptoms can vary but they should all be taken very seriously. As should all food intolerances. As a parent I’d hate to think a child is now suffering because I hadn’t ensured my child followed simple rules at a play centre..

So next time you take your children to a soft play centre please do be more considerate of other innocent children playing who aren’t so lucky as to be able to eat whatever they’d like and be safe around all foods and drinks. After all we’re only asking that you abide by the soft play centres rules..!

Yours Sincerely,

Lyndsay Edwards

An Allergy Parent!

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