Bracelet Medical Alert

Bracelet Medical Alert

If you have a child with a food allergy, diabetes or other medical condition; you might want to think about purchasing a medical alert bracelet or other piece of identification jewelry.

There are a variety of options available now from standard silver and gold as well as canvas fabric and waterproof latex free rubber. Following are a sampling of what you’ll find and what we personally like.

Fiddledee IDs
Fiddledee Ids has a great selection of bracelets, tags, charms, tattoos and more. From basic sterling charms to adjustable bands to waterproof write on bands; you are sure to find what you are looking for. We especially like their beaded and leather band bracelets as well as their vintage charms.

Allerbling is one of the newer medical alert bracelets to hit the scene and kids will be proud to sport this charming piece of jewelry.  It’s latex free, waterproof and comes with a variety of “charms” to identify various food allergies. You can buy a complete set, just the bracelet and/or charms separately.

BuddyBandz are fun adjustable bands for those with peanut allergy, dairy allergy, egg allergy or shellfish allergy. You’ll also find t-shirts as well as an Emergency Medical Pack to stash your EpiPens or other medications on their website.

MedicAlert is a great option because they offer both medical alert jewelry as well as a unique membership. You can have a variety of your information stored in their database including contact information, allergies, other medical conditions and more. In the event of an accident, a number can be called and emergency personal can get instant access 24/7 to the MedicAlert Emergency Response Center. Any information you may want or need relayed about your child’s condition can be passed on. It’s a great solution for those with conditions that go beyond basic engraving on a bracelet or charm.

There are many other bracelets and Jewelry options available. Check them out in our directory by clicking on Medical Alert Bracelets.