Which Allergy Testing is Best?


What is the best test to find out why someone has developed severe allergic reactions in the last 15 months to foods? (As well as pets and various smells and cleansers.) She is 27 and was tested 13 yrs ago and only was positive to molds,spores pollen and dust mites.

Food allergy and allergy tests are used to determine “what” allergens an individual might be allergic to. These tests include skin prick testing, blood testing and many others. Information on the different types of allergy tests can be found by clicking on Allergy Testing Explained.

There are several potential reasons as to “why” an individual may have developed allergies and several hypothesis as to the cause of allergies.


Some food allergies are a cross reaction with pollen allergies. For instance, some individuals with ragweed allergies also experience symptoms when eating melons. This is known as Oral Allergy Syndrome.

Other individuals may gain or lose allergies during times of hormonal changes such as during puberty, menopause, during or after pregnancy and then some.

If you or someone you know is experiencing allergic symptoms or reactions, it’s more important to identify the cause of those symptoms and reactions so that the individual can eliminate the allergen from his/her diet or environment. Speak with an allergist to determine what type of allergy testing and treatment might be necessary.

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