Unusual and Unexpected Sources of Peanut

If you have a peanut allergy or knows someone who does, this article is for you.


Product manufacturers can be a sneaky bunch. When you least expect it, peanut and/or peanut traces may show up in products you would never think of. Following is a list of items that “may contain” peanuts.

Please remember that not all allergies or allergic individuals are the same. Some listed items might be fine for one peanut allergic individual but dangerous for another. When in doubt–call the product manufacturer.

This list was created with the help of parents, Best Allergy Sites readers and members of the forum foodallergysupport.com. (All rights retained by that community and the individual contributor(s). © 2008)


Hamster food
Hamster/rodent bedding
Dog food
Dog treats
Bird seed/feed
SUET for woodpeckers, etc.
Cat food and treats
Livestock feed – dairy cattle feed is especially concerning
Kitty litter
Peanut hay

Lawn and Garden
Some lawn fertilizer
Potting soil with ground peanut shells in it
Beware of birds and squirrels that hide peanuts in the grass
Shaker-canister style and bagged flower seeds
Compost accelerator/additives
Some insect granules
Some prepackaged seed starting kits

Household Items
Bean bag chairs (sometimes stuffed with crushed peanut shells)
Stuffed animals (sometimes stuffed with crushed peanut shells)
Hacky sacks
Fireplace logs
Roach/ant bait disks
Some recipes for homemade play dough
Fiberboard shelving
Burlap bags
Scented markers/crayons
Whole nuts in potpourri
Pellets for pellet stoves
Cleaners and air fresheners

Health and Beauty
Cosmetics, lotions, and shampoos contain peanuts/peanut oil (it may be listed as arachis oil or arachidyl behenate)
Peanut butter flavored lip gloss
Exfoliator that contains ground nut shells
Children’s vitamins
Pre-natal vitamins
Atrovent® inhalation aerosol asthma medication
Baby diaper creams
Prometrium® (synthetic progesterone)
Ear wax remover drops
Massage oils
Flavorx add-in medicine flavors
Sunscreens and tanning oils (and possibly the tanning beds where they’ve been used)

Out and About
Roasting nut hut in the center of the mall
Cashiers snacking while handling your money/products
Machine-made fake smoke
Dental cleaner or Flouride at the dentists office (some contain pine nuts)
Peanut shells on the floor of stores and restaurants
Used cars and rental cars
Rags used to prep plates before they leave a restaurant kitchen

Food Sources – always read labels!
Jelly in other people’s recipes/homes
European chocolate (nuts are not always required to be listed on the label)
Deli meat slicers – some meats contain nuts (mortadella) or are browned/fried in peanut oil
Plant sterols derived from peanut – found in some “heart healthy” orange juice, yogurt, etc.
Peanut/pb as a “secret” ingredient – especially in chili and baked goods
Traces left in toasters
Contamination from pot holders
Baking stones seasoned by baking pb cookies
Cutting boards oiled with peanut oil

Peanut skins can be used in making paper
Peanuts have a variety of industrial end uses, particulary the oil: paint, varnish, lubricating oil, leather dressings, furniture polish, insecticides and nitroglycerin
Peanut scented fishing lures
Organic bore oil for wooden musical instruments
ARACHIS HYPOGAEA (botanical name for peanut)
One company is using ground up walnut shells for traction in snow tires
Walnut shells are used in some texture additives for paint
Ground walnut shells can be used in the anti-slip strips on the ramps for semi trailers (especially for movers) Ground walnut shells are also used in some of the kinds of sand used in sandblasting