Travel Gadgets

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Gadgets that make travel a little easier

The days of using disposable cameras, calculator and digital watch is all over which was seen few years before while you had your holiday. Nowadays, these all said equipments are replaced with modern time gadgets which have become a must to have a great holiday. They are available in wide range with number of functionalities making your travel life easy and simple. However, the modern time gadgets which are becoming popular are Blackberry or iPhone which suffices many of your needs. Still you have number of people who carry things like mechanical bells or whistles to meet in the flight or over the beach or hotel and so on. The following are the list of some interesting kind of non conventional gadgets which can be your great help during your travel. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

The Tunebug Vibe

It is an incredible slim and trim pod which converts any smooth surface into a boom box with great effects. All you need to do is fix any of your handy audio devices and just see the boom happening the very next moment. Enjoy this incredible thing while you are traveling in a lonely or jam-packed railway compartment. It’s an awesome device especially if you want to entertain kids or any co passenger in your journey.

The 150 country travel adapter and converter

It’s a great compact device which can be useful in your travel. With this device you can not only observes the incoming voltage but also can convert the AC current of 120 volts as well without any hassle in more than 150 nations including all the places in Europe, US, Australia, Asia and so on. In this way you get an option of charging a couple of your devices like cell phone, iPods, Cameras with the help of USD hub incorporated in it.

The XXD load-ing

Don’t get confused with its name; it is indeed a great travel device. It’s a flat gadget having a mobbing of two different colors like red or black or white with pink. When charging any device, you can make it like a pocket wherein you can put your device to charge. It is a great gadget especially for the people who travel often.

The ITG-Vidix Goggles

It is an incredible device encompassing number of creative features in it. Through this device you watch a number of films, check number images, listen music, play different video games and even try watching text files. So it is nothing but your normal Television which you see in a form of Goggles. And the best part is that this device works independently without taking any wire or any other kind of support from other devices.

The Reef Sandals

These are referred as the flip flops. These devices are considered to be the best for the surfers and the people who love the beach life while going carefree and colors. They are available in a number of forms including the sandals with different colors and styles. Moreover, these are also used nowadays for skates, snowboarding and even in the mainstream fashion world.

The Apple iPads

Certainly, you would never keep away checking your emails or trying things over the internet or some of the useful applications which you may require any point of time during your travel. The features found in iPads including mail, safari, mail, videos, phones, you tube, app stores, iPod, maps and so on, designed exclusively for people who are travel freak. These all happen to be a built in features and thus saves your time while you are on a move.

Final Word

If you love travelling and always on a go somewhere or the other, make sure you have all the above discussed travel gadgets to make your journey smooth and easy. So what are you waiting for, these are great things to have, so go grab them one and all to make your travelling more happening and interesting.



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