The Pesky Peanut – Book For Children

The Pesky Peanut – Book For Children

A new story is hitting store shelves for children with peanut allergies.

“The Pesky Peanut”, by Seattle author Katie Corl, is the first in a series of children’s books dedicated to food allergy awareness.

“I developed this story as a tool to help children understand food allergies,” says author, Katie Corl. “While The Pesky Peanut deals specifically with my son Kelly’s peanut allergy, the story’s message is applicable to others as well. My goal is to take a mysterious, scary subject and make it easy to understand – helping parents and children cope and adjust to a food allergy.”

The story shows how Kelly’s family discovered his peanut allergy during his first birthday.

The Pesky Peanut can be found on Amazon by clicking The Pesky Peanut.

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