Best Allergy Sites Quote of the Day (12/2/09)

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“It’s our vigilance that keeps our food allergic kids safe.”

There are those in the world who think food allergy parents are crazy yuppies seeking attention for a made up epidemic.


These are the people who will say “more people die from lightening strikes or car accidents than from anaphylaxis.”

But these statements are part truths.

It is truly our constant care and vigilance that keeps our food allergic children safe.


Schools have policies surrounding not letting kids play outside in lightening storms. There are seat belt laws to keep people from dying in car accidents. We as parents ask for and make accommodations to keep our children safe in school and the world.

Play out in a lightening storm enough and you may get struck. Don’t wear a seat belt and you risk severe injury or death in a car accident.

Don’t manage your or your child’s allergies and you may be dealing with anaphylaxis.

It’s worth repeating.

“It’s our vigilance that keeps our food allergic kids safe.”