Peanut Free Granola Bar Challenge


Granola Bars are a perfect snack for kids and adults. They are portable, satisfying and a good substitute for a candy bar on the run.

Unfortunately for the peanut and tree nut allergic–safe granola bars can be hard to come by. If they don’t contain peanut or tree nuts, they are made in a facility that do. Of course there are a handful of companies that make peanut and tree nut free granola bars, but at $1-$2 a piece before shipping we don’t find that price reasonable for a regular lunch box snack.

Quaker makes peanut and tree nut free (with the exception of coconut) granola bars that are reasonably priced. However they are made and available in Canada only. (Peanut Free Planet does sell and ship the Canadian granola bars).

We’ve tried many recipes, but they usually end up with a dry and brittle granola bar that’s super crunchy rather than soft and chewy.

So at Best Allergy Sites we think that the food allergy friendly companies are missing something. If you are reading, are you up for the challenge? Make us a soft, chewy, peanut and tree nut free granola bar that is reasonably priced. We’re sure it will be a big seller and you’ll thank us later.

If you have a perfect granola bar recipe to share let us know. We’ll post it here at Best Allergy Sites and give credit to you and your website or blog.