Nut Allergy Sufferers: 3 Safe-to-Eat Chocolate Bars

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“May contain traces of peanuts or other nuts”—this warning label is included on almost 90% of all American major-brand “plain” chocolate bars. While it’s placed there more to prevent any form of legal action (no rights to a law suit), it’s still enough to make any nut-allergy suffer, well, nuts—do peanuts just “accidentally” fall in the chocolate? Whatever the case, it’s certainly not worth the risk. But it really puts a strain on chocolate lovers. After all, it’s not cocoa that’s the real issue. While choices are limited, there are a few nut-free chocolate bar brands that promise to give you your chocolate fix without the added uncertainty. To find out which ones they are, continue reading below.


Hershey’s Milk Chocolate

The standard size Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars (meaning not the mini bars or the King Size version) as well as Hershey’s milk chocolate kisses should be a safe bet—all of the ones I’ve come across have never contained the warning label and I’ve never had a reaction in all of my 25 years. It’s frustrating that different sizes of the same product come equipped with the warning label, but those are processed in a different plant. While currently the label continues to be warning-free, it’s important that you continue to read labels just in case—manufactures sometimes change labeling throughout the years.

Vermont Nut-Free Chocolate Bars


That’s right, the “nut-free” part is included in its actually name—there’s absolutely no “may” contain traces. The brand provides an assortment of certified peanut and nut-free goodies, including holiday themed bars that can be given as gifts (like Easter bunnies and hearts). While the brand is mostly sold online, it can be found in some nationwide grocery stores, including Whole Foods.


A Martha Stewart favorite, this line of chocolate was created by a woman on a mission to create a 100 percent nut-free chocolate bar for her allergy-prone son. Similar to the brand mentioned above, Divvies offers a variety of different chocolate products, including cupcakes and chocolate covered gourmet popcorn. All of the products can be found online although some grocers and candy stores like Whole Foods, Wegman’s and Dylan’s Candy Bar carry some products.

Do you know of any other chocolate brands that are 100 percent nut-free?

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