Multiple Food Allergy Alert: Snacks on Racks Inc.



November 18, 2009

Snacks on Racks Inc., is recalling “Gourmet Snack Packs” due to undeclared egg, milk, peanut, soy, tree nut, and wheat.

The product was distributed nationwide to hospitals, colleges, universities, corporate cafeterias, and kiosks.


The clear plastic containers are not marked with any codes, expiration dates or UPC.

Consumers may return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may call (816) 505-9131 or visit

The recalled products are:

Roasted No Salt Almonds 4-oz.

Roasted Salted Almonds 4-oz.

Autumn Mix 5-oz.

Autumn Peanut Mix 5-oz.

Boston Baked Beans 5-oz.

Candy Corn 5-oz.

Caramel Apple Pie Mix 5-oz.

Cherry Slices 5-oz.

Cherry Sour Balls 5-oz.

Chewy Sprees® 5-oz.

Chocolate Almonds 5-oz.

Chocolate Banana Chips 4-oz.

Chocolate Bridge Mix 5-oz.

Milk Chocolate Coffee Beans 5-oz.

Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans 5-oz.

Double Dipped Peanuts 4-oz.

Chocolate Maltballs 3.5-oz.

Chocolate Pretzels 2.5-oz.

Chocolate Raisins 5-oz.

Cinnaberry Breakfast Blend 3-oz.

Cinnamon Bears 5-oz.

Confetti 4-oz.

Dark Chocolate Maltballs 3.5-oz.

Deluxe Mixed Nuts 4-oz.

Energy Mix 4-oz.

Garlic Club Mix 3-oz.

Grape Sour Balls 5-oz.

Gummi Apple O’s 4-oz.

Gummi Bears 5-oz.

Gummi Peach O’s 4-oz.

Gummi Strawberries 5-oz.

Gummi Worms 4-oz.

Halloween JuJu Pumpkins 5-oz.

2008 Red & Green Sour Balls 5-oz.

Honey Cheddar Mix 2-oz.

Honey Roasted Peanuts 5-oz.

Hot Tamales® 5-oz.

Lemon Drops 5-oz.

Lemonheads® 5-oz.

Mike N Ike® 5-oz.

Mini Red Swedish Fish® 5-oz.

Mini Assorted Swedish Fish® 5-oz.

Nature’s Harvest 4-oz.

Nik Naks 2-oz.

No Sugar Added Chocolate Raisins 5-oz.

Orange Cranberry Trail Mix 4-oz.

Orange Slices 5-oz.

Peanut Caramel Clusters 4-oz.

Peanut Cluster 4-oz.

Peanut Colada 4-oz.

Select Peanut Mix 4-oz.

Sugar Free Chocolate Peanuts 4-oz.

Salted Cashews 4-oz.

Salted VA Peanuts 4-oz.

Sesame Sensation 3-oz.

Assorted Sour Balls 5-oz.

Sour Bears 5-oz.

Gummi Sour Worms 4-oz.

Soy Energizer Mix 4-oz.

Sour Patch Cherries® 4-oz.

Sour Patch Watermelon® 4-oz.

Sour Patch Kids® 4-oz.

Spicy Club Mix 3-oz.

Strawberry Field Trail Mix 3-oz.

Sunflower Seeds R/S 5-oz.

Toffee Mixed Nuts 4-oz.

Toffee Pecans 4-oz.

Yogurt Almonds 5-oz.

Yogurt Cranberries 5-oz.

Yogurt Pretzels 2.5-oz.

Yogurt Raisins 5-oz.

2008 Holiday Red/Green Pretzel Balls 5-oz.