Get involved in Allergy Awareness Month

Get involved in Allergy Awareness Month

Food allergy and anaphylaxis awareness is the focus across many countries during the month of May. It’s a special opportunity to shine a spotlight on the issues that individuals and families that live with food allergies face everyday.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.”

We can all help make the world safer for people with food allergies. It’s as simple as sharing personal experiences, educating others about the signs of anaphylaxis and teaching friends and family to wash hands AFTER eating.

Here are some other great ideas on how you can help spread awareness and contribute to this important initiative.

  • Get social! Use your social media accounts to spread the word on allergy awareness month.
  • Tell at least 3 different people each week about food allergies and anaphylaxis
  • Host an allergy-friendly event, movie night or meal to share with friends how food allergies can be managed while having fun
  • Plan a fundraiser in support of allergy education and awareness initiatives.
  • Start a food allergy support group
  • Post a blog about food allergy awareness
  • Adopt an allergy for a day or week to help understand what people with food allergies go through every day.

For local events and more ideas on how to spread allergy awareness, visit the following sites:

USA – Food Allergy Action Month

Canada – Food Allergy Awareness Month

Asthma and Allergy Foundation – National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

Australia – Food Allergy Week: May 17-23, 2015

New Zealand – Food Allergy Awareness Week 2015: May 11-17, 2015