Make Your Own EpiPencil Auto-Injector for $30 [VIDEO]

Make Your Own EpiPencil Auto-Injector for $30 [VIDEO]

In response to the controversy over the extreme price increases of the life saving EpiPen auto-injector, a group calling themselves Four Thieves Vinegar has published plans that will allow anyone to build a device to self-inject epinephrine for about $30.


Four Thieves Vinegar is a collective that was founded to create tools for DIY medicine. In their detailed blog post with instructions on how to build your own EpiPencil, they explain their motivation behind sharing their invention.

WHEREAS The pharmaceutical industry continues to put profits above human life, and

WHEREAS Autoinjectors and epinephrine are technology which belongs to the world, and

WHEREAS EpiPens save lives every day, but only for those who can afford them, and

SINCE The Four Thieves Vinegar Collective is dedicated to providing access to everyone

WE HAVE developed the EpiPencil, an epinephrine autoinjector which can be built entirely using off-the-shelf parts, for just over $30 US.

– Dr. Mixæl S. Laufer

The EpiPencil is an auto-injector made entirely from off-the shelf parts, which can be assembled in a matter of minutes, for just over $30.

They have provided a downloadable sticker to brand your DIY EpiPencil with the Four Thieves Vinegar logo on it and instructions on how to use it, which is imperative in the case of a severe reaction and a stranger needs to administer the epinephrine.



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