A Food Allergy Mom’s School Prayer

A Food Allergy Mom’s School Prayer

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Now that summer is coming to an end, many parents are starting to help their children prepare for a new school year.

For food allergy parents, the back to school list involves more planning. Parents of children with food allergies need to correspond with and train teachers to be food allergy aware, go over emergency anaphylaxis plans, make sure all auto-injectors are up to date and most importantly, make sure their child is emotionally prepared to face a new school year with their food allergies.

The following poem is a popular one that has been shared for many years across many platforms. We have not been unable to track down the original author, but felt it was important to share with our readers.

A Food Allergy Mom’s School Prayer

Author: Anonymous

Summer vacation is ending and the first day of school is near
But this mom is full of worry and fear
I remind my child to be brave and strong
And pray every day that nothing goes wrong
EpiPens are stocked and ready to go
But with so much food, will she remember to say “no?”
I hope her friends are helpful and sweet
And have parents who won’t send any unsafe treats
I hope for a successful year
And no phone calls that strike fear
I will take you to school each day
But I will cry as I drive away
I hope the school follows your plan
And everyone remembers to wash their hands
I hope you learn new things and make new friends
But I can’t wait for the school day’s end
I know we can do this and have great days
But summer vacations is so far away
For 180 days I will worry
And hope dismissal comes in a hurry
I love you so much and this I pray:

Come home to me safe every day.


We wish you all a safe and happy school year!