DIY Epipen Belt Ideal For Smaller Kids

DIY Epipen Belt Ideal For Smaller Kids

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Some school boards allow children as young as 4 years old to self-carry Epipens. This leaves many allergy-parents searching for comfortable Epipen holders for their small children that will stay in place and not limit an active child’s mobility.


If you’re in this situation, this DIY Epipen holder might be the solution to your problem. It is made with affordable, easy to find items and takes minimal sewing time.

Laura Tamblyn has a five year old that started self-carrying her Epipen to school. After the first week she hated wearing her Epipen because the pouch provided by Epipen was too bulky and uncomfortable. Laura used her creativity and decided to make an Epipen belt with a headband, a reuseable snack pouch, some light foam padding and just 3 minutes of sewing.

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