Cottage Inn

Cottage Inn

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The Cottage Inn restaurant offers a diverse menu of Italian and Greek dishes, as well as their famous pizzas, which are available with gluten-free crusts in all of their locations. Many of their toppings are also free from gluten, which provides a lot of options for their customers. Gluten-free Cheese Bread and Gluten-free Sandwiches are also available.


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Cottage Inn has processes in place to prevent cross-contamination of gluten in their preparation of gluten-free pizzas, which also includes the training and education of their employees. An additional bonus is that allergen information for their entire menu is available for download.


Cottage Inn was the first restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI to serve pizza in 1948. This original location remains flagship restaurant located at 512 East William, Ann Arbor. Locations can be found throughout the United States.