Shellfish Allergy

Can you be allergic to claws and Lobster and still be able to eat other mollusks and crustaceans? My legs and ankles swell when I eat lobster and claws, however I have no symptoms when I eat other shellfish.

Food allergies can certainly make you wonder and throw you for a loop can’t they?

I must preface this answer with the fact that I am NOT an allergist. You should of course always consult with your physician regarding any medical concerns and follow your physicians directions regardless of what you read on Best Allergy Sites or any other site.

That being said, “Is it possible to be allergic to lobster and not any other shellfish?”

Yes, anything is possible. My mother reacts only to Maine Coast shrimp. She’s fine with other shellfish and even other shrimp. She just can’t eat the shrimp where she lives. No one knows or has yet to figure out why.

The only true diagnosis of a food allergy is history of an allergic reaction to that food. If you have a reaction to lobster – you may very well be allergic and that can be confirmed with allergy testing.

If you DO NOT have reactions to any other shellfish, then it’s potentially safe to assume you are not allergic to other shellfish. I do not recommend allergy testing to foods you have not had a reaction to due to the high rate of false positive results.

Keep in mind that swollen legs and ankles are not necessarily typical food allergic reactions. However, food allergies can cause a variety of numerous reactions. For more information on typical food allergy and anaphylaxis reactions, click on Allergy Symptoms.

You might also want to consult and allergist to determine if you need further allergy testing and/or an EpiPen (life saving medication) prescription.