Press Release: Best Allergy Sites Launch

Contact: Ruth Smith
Best Allergy Sites

Best Allergy Sites Launches the Internet’s Largest Directory of Allergy Web Sites and Blogs
Mission to provide an educational, informational, and product directory for allergy sufferers and their families.

Boston, MA, March 5, 2009–Founder Ruth Smith announced today the
launch of Best Allergy Sites (, a web site
that provides allergy sufferers with the Internet’s largest directory
of general allergy and food allergy web sites and blogs.

“As the mother of a child with multiple life threatening food
allergies as well as environmental allergies; I’ve become frustrated
at the lack of a central place to gain insight, information, and
knowledge about allergies-from management to products available,” said
Founder Ruth Smith. “I saw the need to bring allergy friendly
businesses and information together into one resource.”

Best Allergy Sites will help general and food allergy sufferers find
the education, information, and products they need through directory
listings. The web site directory is divided into multiple categories
including allergy information and education, allergy support, allergy
related products including allergen free food companies, allergy
related blogs, as well as services divided by region (such as bakeries
and restaurants) that cater to allergy sufferers.


Best Allergy Sites also has its own news blog to keep readers up to
date on current allergy related news events as well as food recalls.

“It promises to be an excellent resource,” said Jennifer B., founder
of Food Allergy Buzz. “I love the idea–one-stop resource to begin an
allergy education journey.”

There are several resources available for the food allergic and other
allergy sufferers but no one resource or directory for individuals to
go to that contains everything they need. With food allergies and
intolerances on the rise, there is a demand for allergy information
and safe food products. Best Allergy Sites fills that demand by
bringing consumers, allergists, and companies together.

“It’s been amazing,” Smith said, “the goal was to create a directory
for allergy sufferers, but the non-allergic enjoy our site, too. There
is something there for everyone. For instance, allergy friendly food
companies often use high quality and/or organic ingredients to keep
their products safe for allergic individuals. This ultimately creates
a higher quality product that anyone can enjoy.”

Best Allergy Sites launched today in the U.S., and has plans for
future international expansion. To join the blog discussion or learn
more about the company, visit

For additional information contact Ruth Smith through

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