Otis Spunkmeyer Manufacturing Processes

Otis Spunkmeyer


Otis Spunkmeyer manufacturers and sells cookies and muffins as well as frozen cookie dough.

I recently learned that they have pretty strict manufacturing and cleaning protocols.

The following was posted at peanutallergy.com from a site member:


Email response from Otis Spunkkmeyer rep:

“To answer your question regarding Peanut Allergy; All of our ingredients are clearly labeled on each packaging. All products that do not specifically list nuts as an ingredient are considered to be nut free. We produce all the non-nut products Mon-Wed. in the plant. On Thurs and Friday, we produce products that do contain nuts. Once we’ve made the last nut product, our maintenance department takes the entire processing line apart (every piece of equipment is broken down piece by piece, including utensils). A sanitation wash down is done on the equipment and utensils, using a special soaping agent geared to removing residue. Once that is completed, our quality control technicians conduct an allergen test on all equipment and utensils. This testing called ALERT, which is designed to test machinery and equipment for positive or negative results for nut proteins and residue. As long as the results of that testing is negative for nut residue, protein, etc, we’ll put the machinery back together and start Monday up with the non-nut products. This practice is done every weekend to prevent contamination between the two.”

While these products might not work for everyone, it’s nice to know that some companies go above and beyond in the manufacturing and cleaning process.

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