Med Alert Bracelet

Med Alert Bracelet


My daughter was just diagnosed with a food allergy. Our doctor mentioned a medical alert bracelet. Is that really necessary?

It might seem like overkill to wear a medical alert bracelet for a food allergy, however there are several reasons why you should consider one.

If your child is young, she may not remember her food allergies or be able to speak up for herself. Imagine leaving her at a birthday party only to find that she can not advocate for herself and eats the food that is placed in front of her. A medical food allergy bracelet may help prevent that.


However, one of the biggest reasons to wear a medical bracelet is in the event a patient can not speak for himself due to a swollen tongue, mouth or loss of consciousness.  Many nurses, EMTs and doctors know to check for a medical bracelet. If your child is suffering from an anaphylactic reaction, the person responding will be more informed if she is wearing a bracelet.

There are many bracelet styles available and they come in all shapes and sizes. Most children get used to their bracelet and don’t even think about it after a while. Some are even proud to wear theirs.

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