McDonald’s Canada Adds Nuts To Menu And Canadians Are Not Lovin’ It

McDonald’s Canada Adds Nuts To Menu And Canadians Are Not Lovin’ It

McDonald’s Canada launched the new SKOR McFlurry on January 17, 2017 which involves nuts to be open. Previously, all nuts were contained and pre-packaged to reduce risks of nut cross-contamination.


The addition of the new menu item came with a new allergy statement posted at all McDonald’s restaurants in Canada. The allergy notice states:

Dear Guests – we now offer products containing NUTS that are not individually packaged. Products at this location may contain or come into contact with PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, or OTHER ALLERGENS. If you have questions or concerns, please ask to speak to a Manager.

This statement essentially means that all products in the restaurant may contain or have come in contact with any allergen.


Canadian consumers are not taking this new policy change lightly. McDonald’s Canada social media pages have been bombarded with customer complaints and requests to reconsider the menu change, using the hashtag #NotLovinIt.

Pauline Osena, food allergy advocate, allergy-mom, blogger behind and former employee of McDonald’s Canada, published an Open Letter to McDonald’s Canada where she outlines the impact that these changes will make on her family.

“I’m disappointed that I can no longer support McDonald’s Canada, because you have posted an “UNWELCOME” sign in all of your restaurants for the food allergy community. I am disappointed that the McDonald’s brand is abandoning a large proportion of the future generation. I am sad that it feels like the world is moving backwards instead of forwards.”
– Pauline Osena

To date, McDonald’s Canada has not published a response to consumers.