How to Live a Happier Life With Dust Allergies

How to Live a Happier Life With Dust Allergies

Neutralizing Dust – A Guide For Happier Life For People With Dust Allergies

People with allergies have to battle with various uncomfortable symptoms. Sneezing, itchy, red and watery eyes, a stuffy and runny nose are some of their daily challenges. It can actually be difficult to differentiate allergies from a cold. Dust allergies can also lead to asthma if not mitigated in good time. Unfortunately, allergic people suffer the most from their homes, a place they are supposed to feel safe. How can you make the fight against allergies more effective?

1. Get Rid of Wall-to-Wall Carpets

To many, this measure will feel like an extreme remedy. Floor rugs make a room feel cozy and look elegant. What you may not notice is that the materials used on these carpets harbor a lot of dust and other pollutants. Most of the dust particles are stirred up during vacuuming and sweeping or when you step on the carpet. They fill the air and you inhale them most during this time. No wonder, sneezing and itching of eyes seem to worsen immediately after cleaning.

To get rid of excess dust and other pollutants in your home, do away with carpets. Then, install another flooring material such as vinyl, tiles, and wood. These are beautiful, easy to clean and do not harbor plenty of dust particles like carpets.

2. Use Doormats

You can limit the amount of soil and other tiny particles reaching your home by encouraging people to leave their shoes outside. At least two good mats, like those with bristle top, one for the outside and the other for the inside can help wipe off the dust from shoes. Also, place several pairs of clean slippers for visitors to use when getting into your house.

3. Keep Pets Out of The House, Especially, The Bedroom

Your cuddly furry friends could be one reason you are wheezing and coughing now and then. Their fur, hair, and dander are serious allergy triggers. Their urine and poop can also mix with dust thus amplifying the negative health effects. In such an environment, an allergic person will experience unending allergy problems. You may want to set a designated space for the pets. It should be away from the areas where an allergic person spends a lot of time, for instance, the bedroom.

4. Groom Pets Regularly

If you must have pets, make sure they are regularly groomed. Pet grooming helps get rid of excess hair and dead skin flakes. This way, the dead skin and old fur doesn’t fall off on your couches, the floor, and other surfaces in your house as you interact with the animals. You keep your space clean and the indoor air free from allergens.

5. Clean the House Regularly

Do not allow dust to accumulate a lot before cleaning. Come up with a regular cleaning schedule to help you keep dust in check. You may have to choose your cleaning tools properly to enhance efficiency. For instance, vacuum cleaner attachments whip up dust through their exhaust stream. This causes dust to scatter everywhere.
You can reduce dust buildup during vacuuming by using these attachments on rough surfaces that are hard to clean with a damp cloth. Also, choose lint-free wiping clothes that attract and hold dust, for instance, those with an electrostatic charge. If you are hesitant about cleaning because of your allergy condition, wear a mask to prevent you from inhaling a lot of dust during the process.

6. Use High-efficiency Media Filter in Your Furnace and Air Conditioning Unit

Even as you clean your house, you want to ensure that the air you breathe is free of dust as well. You can improve its quality by installing high-efficiency particulate absorption (HEPA) filters in your furnace and air conditioner. The device is designed with wicking paper filter that helps absorb dust particles, pollen, and smoke. This improves the quality of air circulating in your house.

A home should feel safe and comfortable. For a person with allergies, this can sound like a farfetched dream. Fortunately, you can use the above tips to tame dust in your home and make it a safe-haven for a happier life.

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