Food Allergy Awareness Week

May is Asthma Awareness Month and last Sunday wrapped up Food Allergy Awareness Week.

It was a busy week of allergy news, blogs, community advocating and the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Twitter Party.

Awareness is always a good thing and it’s great to have a “Food Allergy Awareness Week” , but at Best Allergy Sites–every week is food allergy awareness week. I’m sure you feel that’s the case in your home as well.

Following is some great information, posts and news we wanted to share with you to keep the spirit of Food Allergy Awareness alive.

Milk Allergies Are the Rodney Dangerfield of Food Allergies by Alisa Fleming
Discusses how milk allergies can be just as severe as other allergies, but is often treated more like an intolerance.

Give It Up with the Food Allergy Initiative
“The “Give It Up” campaign encourages children, parents, families and friends to show their support for the millions of Americans with food allergies by abstaining from eating a favorite food during the week.” One lucky person may even win an Apple Ipad!

May is National Asthma Awareness Month Asthma Allergy Foundation of America
May is peak season for allergies. Learn more about asthma and allergies with AAFA.

Let us know what you do each and every day or week to celebrate the food allergies in your home and spread awareness.