Allergies and Remodeling

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It’s important to take environmental allergies into consideration when purchasing a home or remodeling. Many homes may hide mold, dust mites, pet dander from previous owners and of course VOCs from carpeting – flooring – cabinets – paint and more.

When choosing a home, regardless of allergy concerns, it’s important to have a full inspection including a mold inspection. When remodeling you might want to consider moving out of your home until the remodeling is complete and choosing environment friendly materials like VOC free paints, bamboo or cork flooring among other things.

Tips to Keep Your Home Allergy Friendly
Invest in a high end whole house and or room air filters
Consider hard surfaced flooring like tile or wood
Vacuum regularly (when the allergic individual is out of the house)
Keep pets out of the home or at minimum – out of bedrooms
Don’t use air fresheners, candles or other scented products
Read labels and be cautious of what cleaning products you buy