A Look at a Life with Food Allergies [VIDEO]

A Look at a Life with Food Allergies [VIDEO]

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5 year old Milo created a short video about life with food allergies. In this fun and informative video, Milo shows us what it is like to live with food allergies. He also shows us the difficult aspects of food allergies, but uses lighthearted role play with handmade paper puppets and stuffed animals. Going to a party and ordering food at a restaurant comes with challenges for people with food allergies, but 5 year old Milo shows us how to stay safe and be positive.


Screenshot from “A Look at a Life with Food Allergies”

Milo worked on this project with his mother, Kathy Thornburg, the blogger and graphic designer behind KathyThornburg.com: Journey of Faith and Food Allergies.

Kathy shared with us their reasons for producing this video and what they hoped to achieve:


My son and I share a lot of interests. We both love to cook and bake in the kitchen. We also both enjoy filming and making videos to share with others. He often helps me when we are sent items to review. Of course, he is most excited when it involves food. A few months ago, he wanted to make a video with his Legos. He loved writing the script, gathering his supplies, filming the scenes, recording the voice overs, and seeing the final product after I edited the footage.

Not long ago, we talked about making a movie that would be encouraging and helpful to other kids with food allergies. I helped him plan out what he wanted it to look like and assisted him with the filming and editing. He really enjoys having the opportunity to have his films viewed by others and is so excited to hear all the comments they receive.

My hope is always to teach him about living his life to the fullest in a way that is safe for his food allergies and to encourage others to do the same.

Watch Milo’s video here: