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CureClick is a new website developed in partnership with WEGO Health.

Their mission is:

“To accelerate the progress of medical advances by increasing the speed at which clinical trials are completed. We leverage the power of crowdsourcing to share clinical trial information and connect patients with relevant treatment options.”

I have recently been invited to join their Ambassador Program and have agreed to do so based on our own family experience in participating in a clinical trial. (Not affiliated with CureCllick.)

Clinical trials might seem scary and they aren’t for everyone. Participation does not guarantee a positive outcome or results. However, if you fit the criteria of a particular trial it is worth learning more.

From time to time you may see me share information about clinical trials through CureClick. I may, at times, be compensated for my participation in the CureClick Ambassador Program. However, the information I share will always be for clinical trials I feel comfortable sharing with you.

For more information on my relationship with CureClick, click on the link below.