Twitter Party How To

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Uh, What IS a Twitter Party?
A Twitter Party is where a group of people can discuss or “Tweet” on a specific topic, product, company, or web site in real time in their own little chat room. To participate in the discussion you’ll need to sign up for a free Twitter account. Alternatively, you can just follow along without participating. Read on for more information as to how this works.

What are the Benefits?
Twitter parties are a great way to connect with other people surrounding a specific topic, product, company, or web site.

Attendees make new contacts, learn new things, often times have a chance to win some great prizes, and overall have a great time.

Panel Members are there to oversee the event, answer questions, and keep the flow of the party going-along with the party hosts. Panel members often find their expert advice gains them new followers and traffic to their website or blog.

Companies offer prizes and/or sponsor parties and see the benefits of viral marketing ie: increased web site traffic, new followers, product/company/website feedback, and more; all through the party hosts, panel members, and attendees-blog posts, mentions on twitter, and other social media tools. Twitter parties often trend in Twitter (top 10 trending topics in the twitter side bar) which offers even more visibility.

How Do I Participate?
1. Go to to sign up for a free Twitter account if you plan to post. If you plan to read only, follow the instructions below.

2. On the day of the event use,, or another tool to follow along and participate in the party.

For go to the website and type the #hashtag in the search box. For instance #foodallergy

1. To read/follow along (you don’t need a twitter account to do this), just read the summize posts and refresh the page as necessary. (During the event you will see all posts/comments updated in summize.)

2. To comment during the party, you write your comment in twitter with the hashtag in your comment. The comment should then show up in summize.

3. To reply to a comment, you can click reply beneath that persons comment in summize and it will open twitter for you. You can then reply, but you must remember to add the hashtag if you want the response to show up in summize.

4. Parties move fast! To see responses directly to you, check your @ box in twitter.

For you can comment, reply, and read all at once in tweetgrid and it even puts the hashtag in your comment for you. However I personally find that parties move faster in tweetgrid than summize and it is hard to keep up with the comments.

Click here for a tweetgrid tutorial list. The Twitter Party Tutorial should be #8.

Why Should My Company Hire You?
Twitter parties are one the latest cutting edge ways to spread information and we know how to maximize your exposure. Imagine you have a new product or event to promote. One person on twitter talks about it and asks others to spread the word. Ten of that persons followers do. Ten of each of those ten people’s followers do. See where we are going with this? That’s a small scale example.

With twitter parties–potentially hundreds of people are participating in the event itself. All their posts are viewable by their followers prompting them to also attend the party or spread the word. Leading up to the twitter party we promote your event through a unique public online invitation. We spread the word through our websites as well as other social media tools. Bloggers catch on and before you know it your company is the talk of the web.

Furthermore, our twitter parties are run by super savvy business moms and dads.

We team up with others in the industry to combine their talent and expertise to offer one of a kind twitter party events tailored to each client. Combined experience covers many fields including advertising, marketing, public relations, social media, food manufacturing among others. Our panel members have large and loyal followings on twitter and within the food allergy community. Many large and small businesses and non profits have participated as sponsors in our twitter party events including General Mills, Allergic Living Magazine, The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, Enjoy Life Foods, Ian’s Natural Foods and more.

For more information on our twitter party events or if you have any further questions– email admin (at) bestallergysites (dot) com and we will try to answer them!