Photos of Severe Allergic Reactions

When a company announces a recall, market withdrawal, or safety alert, we post the company's announcement as a public service. We do not endorse either the product or the company.

Some allergic reactions are VERY serious, so please remember that we’re definitely not making light of severe allergies here!

#1 – This woman got a little too close to dust mites

#2 – The danger of eyelash tinting…

#3 – The guy who thought drinking Kombucha was a good idea

#4 – This woman who got a balloon head from hair dye

#5 – And this woman, who suffered a similar fate from hair dye

#6 – And this woman, who is allergic to the acids in apples…which are also found in hair dye

#7 – This girl who got hive-leggings from taking the wrong antibiotics

#8 – This girl whose spider allergy turned her into Quasimodo

#9 – This girl who still has no idea what turned her into a Donald Duck–Homer Simpson mashup

#10 – This person who got scaly legs instead of smooth legs after shaving with a nickel razor

#11 – The person who couldn’t even see the cashews that did this to their face

#12 – This girl whose nickel necklace left her in the ER with a big ol’ rash necklace too

#13 – This person whose arm looks like the aftermath of a mosquito convention

#14 – This woman who shouldn’t have cuddled with her dog

#15 – This woman who touched the wrong leaves


#16 – This girl who gets golf-ball-sized eyelids from dust

#17 – This person who will never go around balloons again

#18 – This girl who could barely even see what her bee allergy looked like

#19 – This girl who was left with resting-seasonal-allergy-face

#20 – This girl who quite literally blew up from an encounter with tree nuts

#21 – This girl who didn’t know you could be allergic to mosquitos

#22 – This girl who is actually allergic to the sun and forgot her hat

#23 – This lady whose tea tree oil facial went very, very wrong

#24 – This girl who is maybe allergic to Cuba

#25 – This girl who proves that in some cases, you really shouldn’t pet that dog

#26 – This woman whose reaction to shellfish looked like botched lip injections

#27 – This girl who still doesn’t know what gave her this ~naturally rosy~ glow

#28 – This girl who literally needs her latte made with soy milk

#29 – This student who thought their amoxicillin reaction was a stress rash from college classes

#30 – This girl who should’ve gone on vacation in Seattle instead of Florida