Food Allergy Twitter Party May 15

Food Allergy Awareness Week is May 10-16 this year!
Help us celebrate, and end the week on a great note, by joining us for a Food Allergy Twitter Party!

Jennifer B (from Food Allergy Buzz) and I are working feverishly on this great event. We promise it will be fun and educational. We’re even working on lining up some great prizes.

Uh, What IS a Twitter Party?
A Twitter Party is where a group of people can discuss or “Tweet” on a specific topic in real time in their own little chat room. To participate in the discussion you’ll need to sign up for a free Twitter account. Read on for more information as to how this works.

The party will take place on Friday May 15 at 12pm eastern time and 10:30pm eastern time (9am pacific time and 7:30pm pacific time).

The hashtag for the party is #foodallergy.

At the above mentioned times you can ask questions of our panelists by using twitter and making sure to leave room in your post for #foodallergy.

To follow along with the ongoing conversations go to and type in #foodallergy. This will take you to our party room where our #foodallergy posts and questions will go.

What will be discussed?
Anything and everything pertaining to food allergies. Eating out, epi pens, preparing food, health care plans, allergists, new research, etc.

Our Great Panel Members

Great Prizes
Thank you to all who are donating!

Linda Coss-(@LindaCoss) Book

Navan Foods-(@NavanFoods) $25 gift certificate and free shipping on order

Cherrybrook Kitchen

Flashcard Zoo-(@flashcardzoo) set of Flashcards

Beyond a Peanut-set of Food Allergy Awareness Cards

Lucy’s-Gluten Free Cookies

Allergy Kids (Robyn O’Brien)-Book titled “The Unhealthy Truth”

Alisa Fleming-(@godairyfree) Book titled “Go Dairy Free”

Authentic Foods Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Brownie Baking Mix (@authenticfoods)

Gluten Free Essentials-Speedy Bake Mixes

Allergy Apparel (@AllergyApparel)

The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN)-1 year membership

Please RSVP in the comments section below and ask any questions you’d like answered here or in our forum (Best Allergy Sites Lounge section). We’ll answer your questions the day of the twitter party and try to get the responses to the forum shortly there after.

Spread the word by blogging and twittering about this special event!

(If you have a company with an allergy friendly product and would like to donate a prize for our party please use the contact form to let us know. You’ll be listed in this blog post and further updates on this website as well as on Twitter.)


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    I’ll be there! My son cannot have gluten or dairy!

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    So glad you can join us hellokittiemama!

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    I recently found out that I am allergic to milk, eggs, wheat & gluten. I am slowly piecing my world back together and my fellow twitters have been a huge help.

    However, I have four allergies – not just gluten or just dairy – so I’m wondering if there are Websites out there with recipes that cover all of my allergies.

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    BTW, I will be attending the twitter party, too. :)

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    Hi sramsaroop-glad you’ll be able to join us!

    Sorry to hear you were recently diagnosed. A new diagnosis is a tough thing. Did you ck out the recipe sites here on Best Allergy Sites? Under the tab allergen free there is another tab titled recipe sites.

    Here you’ll find a list of blogs and sites that have varying recipes for people with varying allergies.

    Eating With Food Allergies is one

    As well as Funky Food Allergies

    There are several others and new sites are added daily. Also, always feel free to do a “search” on our site using our search bar. That might help too!

    Hope that helps!

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    Hi sramsaroop,

    Multiple allergies are tough. We avoid dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish for my son. He used to be allergic to soy, wheat and oats as well so I know how hard all of that is to manage. There’s great info available on the web now and I’m really comfortable cooking and baking without dairy, eggs and nuts. Wheat and gluten are more challenging, but with a mixture of non-gluten flours and xantham gum to make them stick, it can be done.

    I’ve got recipes on my site, too-

    Looking forward to meeting you at the Twitter Party!

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    am looking forward to the party!

    my sons allergies to date are,
    peanut /some beans/raw egg/yeast extract/pineapple/kiwi fruit/dog/cat/tree pollen/dustmite

    do you want to swop helpful tips for teens with allergies?
    how about supporting young adults in uni/college, what tips/support can we give them?
    what school has been most supportive, and what did they do?

    wanna play a allergy symptom game?
    its called ‘adrenamine or antihistamine’?

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    Thanks Sarah for your great questions and for stopping by! We looking forward to seeing your tweets at the party!

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    Thanks for jumping in Food Allergy Assistant! There are lots of great recipes and information on your site too!

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    Looking forward to the party. Can’t wait to go.

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    Janice L Meyer 8 years

    Will be there if I am not asleep or drawing…lol! I am allergic to wheat and lactose intolerant- allergic to bee stings too, so plenty of spare epi-pens at my place! Always looking for ways to make my diet more interesting- as a diabetic and on a fixed income, I find many restrictions and limited choices at local grocers and even at the whole food store- definately looking for better recipies for gluten free breads- most are too bland or too heavy. Ok- I guess I’ll set my alarm and make sure I am there- I can’t miss an opportunity like this…

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    Jacie 8 years

    I will try to be here…can’t ever commit, I have 4 kids all with varying allergies. My husband just had a blood test for celiac that came back borderline & we think my youngest son is at least wheat sensitive. Dairy, egg, wheat, and gluten are so far the foods. I was diagnosed with MS in Jan. Has anyone heard info on diet changes helping this??? My Mom just saw Ann Sawyer on a talk show and was amazed….I am so overwhelmed! I am ready to garden, can, and butcher my own….if only I had the time & energy!

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    Thanks Jeff, Janice, and Jacie! Looking forward to reading your questions and comments at the twitter party.

    Though our forums are new-feel free to ask your questions there too. The forum tab is in the top right corner. I know taking in a new diagnosis is difficult. Not to mention dealing with all the other things in life.

    If I can’t answer your questions in our forum section-hopefully one of our members can.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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    I’m hoping to make it!

    My 3 yo is allergic to dairy, eggs, tree nuts and bananas. My 5 yo outgrew a peanut allergy. My husband is lactose intolerant (and he’s also allergic to bee stings).

    My 3 yo will be starting school in September and I’ve already run into a bit of resistance at the school. A topic I’d love to see covered is tips on dealing with schools.

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    Paula Powell 8 years

    Looking forward the twitter party!!! My daughter has a peanut allergy and my son is gluten free!


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    Family Nature-thanks for stopping by! I recently wrote a post on care plans for schools that can be found at the following link:

    I’ll be sure to bring the topic up at the Twitter party as well. Working with schools can sometimes be quite difficult.

    If you have a chance-you can ask questions in our forum as well and I’ll be happy to answer what I can, or whatever doesn’t get answered at the Twitter party.

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    Paula-thanks for rsvping-I’ll look forward to your questions and comments at the Twitter party!

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    I will check out the fourms. My questions are as follows:

    I live in Ontario, Canada. I consider myself very luck to have Sabrina’s Law in our province. My son’s school is required by law to have an anaphylactic policy which includes, among other things: stategies to reduce the risk of exposure to anaphylactic causative agents, a communication plan, regular training for staff, and an individual plan.

    But what do you do when you and the school disagree on the “strategies to reduce the risk”, or when the person providing the training to staff is the principal (who totally does NOT get it) and she won’t let you sit in on training (so really, you have no idea what kind of “training” the staff is getting), or when the principal wants to START working on the plan in September (but you want to work on it now). This is where the difficulties lie. The school thinks they’re doing a great job because they have a few “Allergy Aware” posters around the school but really, their so called “strategies” are a joke. Aargh!

    I hope to connect with others going through something similar!


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    Janice L Meyer 8 years

    Here is a link to the celiac sprue site- I have found it to be most helpful, and it has great section for parents with school age kids. Amanda- my parents had to deal wiith similar issues in the 70’s when I was entering school not due to food allergies, but because of my diabetes and bee sting allergies- Mom says it was most frustration. You are faced with more challenges than most with trying to get things set up for your child at school- and I praise you for being so active in the process- too many believe that because they say they are “trained” and “proactive”- thay must actually be so. I’ll call Mom up and see what tips she may have to help in this process- Mom is a nurse & is up on food allergies- many run in my family. Looking forward to the party- think Gluten-free bread recipies folks- I’d love to find some that actually taste good!
    ————^v^Janice “Batty” Meyer (Twitter: @BattyJanice0

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    Janice L Meyer 8 years

    oops! Sorry- goofed my own twitter name- lol! Find me on Twitter: @BattyJanice

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    Family Nature-I responded to your post in the forum section. Hope it helps!

    Janice-thanks for sharing your resource and personal story!

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    Hello I am new to Twitter and not yet familiar with features, but would like to join the party tomorrow. What I would like to ask the experts is how to deal with a life threatening allergy, such as peanut, and send your child to school where they serve PB sandwiches. My daughter will be attending kindergarden in Sept, and SOOOO scared. Just want some ideas on how to prevent exposure in just a open environment…Thanks


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    Oh sorry my twitter name is MandyV75. I have also created a web directory of sorts at Hope this helps everyone. Any comments please do share. Thank you again.

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    Mandy, thanks for stopping in! I’ll try to get your ?? answered at the Twitter party, if not-stop by our forums. I just went through the K process and I and others can help lead you on your way!

    Twitter only allows 140 characters so it’s sometimes hard to have thoughtful conversations. :)

    ps don’t be scared…it’s doable and workable, I promise!

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    Alyssa Gold 8 years

    Looking forward to the event tomorrow! I was recently diagnosed with multiple food allergies. I also work with Nutricia, the company that makes Neocate, so I’m pretty familiar with milk allergies. You can find me at Twitter @AlyssaBGold.

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    Great Alyssa! Look forward to seeing your tweets!

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    Sara Thompson 8 years

    I’ll be there! @SaraAThompson

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    I’m looking forward to this Twitter party.

    My primary questions right now are:

    1) What, if anything, is available for storing epi-pens on school campuses that do not leave the A/C on during nights and weekends? And if nothing is available, what is recommended? My daughter’s school told us the cafeteria A/C was left on, but at the end of the year we learned that wasn’t true. So especially in hot Texas weather, the epi-pens were consistently overheated and likely ineffective.

    2) My almost 5 year old daughter is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Her allergy tests for peanut have shown the levels have dropped quite a bit over the past two years. The tree nut levels are still very high. Her pediatric allergist mentioned to my husband at the last appointment that he wanted to do a challenge before she enters kindergarten. My husband didn’t ask any questions and I wasn’t there. I’d love to hear if anyone has experience with doing challenges and what risks are involved.

    3) I think one or more people already mentioned this, but I’m looking for very comprehensive, but brief documentation for schools to use – emergency action plan, check lists for school staff and families (e.g. what to do before the start of the new school year), etc. I met with the school administrators in August and stressed the need to get stuff documented. I offered to write it. They said no – that it was very important that the school staff write it. I learned this week that nothing has been written all year. I offered again but this time said I’d write a draft version that they could modify. They agreed to it. Instead of starting from scratch, I wanted to see if anyone has anything that has worked for them.

    4) Does anyone know of a good patch that can be ironed on to a backpack that can serve as a recognizable symbol that epi-pen and other meds are inside? My daughter’s school put up a special backpack hook in rooms where there are children with allergies, but not all the teachers are using it. I suggested that all children who have epi-pens or other meds on campus have some sort of emergency patch on their backpacks so people can find them quickly in the sea of backpacks in a classroom.

    I’m looking forward to Friday night!

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    Thanks Sara and Susan. Hope you enjoyed the 12 pm party and if you didn’t make it, hope to see your tweets at the 10:30pm EST party.

    Susan-it’s hard to answer in twitters 140 character limit at times. What doesn’t get answered-feel free to post in our forums section. After the twitter party(sometime this weekend)-I’ll try to answer your ?? there.

    One good place to start for school planning is our resource page under allergy 101 and our blog post “when do you need a care plan?”

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    Thank you everyone for participating in the first ever Food Allergy Twitter party. It was a huge success! Jennifer at Food Allergy Buzz and I are working on another one. Details will come as they are available.

    Thanks to our panel members and sponsors who donated prizes and congrats to all who won!

    If you are interested in being an upcoming panel member or sponsor for our next party-contact me through the contact page here at Best Allergy Sites.

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