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Documentary Series for Discovery Health Channel: Looking for Pregnant Allergic Women

I recently received the following email, please do not contact unless you are seriously interested:

I am writing in regards to a new documentary series for Discovery Health Channel. This documentary program follows the lives of various pregnant women, including those living with an onslaught of allergies. ($1500.00 will be awarded to each of our expecting mothers for their participation, which consists of five, non-consecutive days of filming.)

This program aims to shed light on the challenges encountered by mothers who are allergic to nearly everything. If your organization is aware of any women expecting to give birth between June and August of this year, I would appreciate your efforts in making this information available to them.

Interested parties may contact me directly via phone or email. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Sirens Media produces award-winning non-fiction series for Discovery, Bravo, TruTV and Animal Planet. For more information please visit www.sirensmedia.com.


Nikki Dosedel
Sirens Media

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About Ruth LovettSmith

Ruth LovettSmith is a writer, artist and designer with a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She is the Founder and Editor of the popular food allergy information guide Best Allergy Sites. She also writes articles on art and design, food allergies, parenting, gardening and healthy living and is an advocate for and within the food allergy community.


  1. Hi I have a peculiar health condition of having fibroids (doctors have not come across such a case in medical history where it grows at a faster rate) where it hampers my every day life. I would like my condition to be shot and aired on tv…. Could you please guide me as to how to go about it….whom and where to contact.

  2. Rosy – thanks for stopping by and for commenting.

    As a start – you can try contacting someone via the email listed in the above post. Beyond that – try going to the Discovery Health website for more information on their upcoming shows.

    Good luck!

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