Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

We flew Southwest Airlines for the first time last week. It was a family vacation, so my husband and I were traveling with our 2 young children, one of which has severe food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and eggs. I had heard great things from friends that flew with Southwest in the past. The prices were competitive, and it’s one of the few air carriers that still allow free checked baggage for domestic flights, so we decided to check it out.

Booking the flight was extremely easy, as was making arrangements for a passenger with peanut allergies. We booked directly through their website and were able to add the peanut dust allergy to my son’s records upon booking with a simple check box. Every flight we added to that trip going forward had his peanut allergy listed as a default, and I didn’t have to re-enter his disability.

It was once we got to the airport that I was “wowed” by the Southwest service and how understanding and accommodating all staff were about food allergies. Since the allergy was listed in his record, his boarding pass automatically came with a slip that gave us permission to board the plane early to wipe down the seats and make any preparations needed to ensure a safe flight. We also got an additional slip to give to the first flight attendant that we met when we boarded the plane to remind them not to serve any peanuts on the flight. All of this was automated through their system with a simple click of a check box. No reminders were necessary, no favors from kind employees were needed, as it was already built into their company culture and policies. Everything was done with a smile from every Southwest employee.

Southwest Airlines Peanut Allergy document and authorization to preboard


We flew Southwest Airlines two more times during this vacation and each experience was positive. We automatically received our slips for pre-boarding, peanuts were automatically removed from the flight snack plan and all staff went above and beyond to help out a family travelling with young children. I will definitely be choosing Southwest Airlines again.

Have you traveled with Southwest Airlines? How was your experience? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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    I’m glad you had a great experience. Our experience with Southwest was not so great. A few months ago we flew with them and found that the seats were filthy with opened peanut packages from the flight before. The flight attendant did not offer us help and other passengers had already started boarding.

    Although they did not serve peanuts on the plane, they did not make an announcement requesting that other passengers not consume nuts during the flight.

    Thankfully my child did not have a reaction, but I will think twice before booking with Southwest again.

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    We flew with Southwest a few months ago and had a similar experience. All staff were great. The ticket agent even gave me some packages of antibacterial wipes to use when I preboarded. Going home, the flight attendants were a little less friendly, but preboarding was still allowed and no peanuts were served on the flight. I guess it always depends on individuals. Either way, I don’t have any complaints – they respected my child’s allergies.

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